1. Wednesday, May 20, 2015

    remember that time courtney opened for lana 

    and everyone was taking videos and photos from the back rows.

    i tried to tell them all, chill babies, there will be people up front taking photos and videos

    and they said, stop talking to us creepy old man.

    just then someone yelled at courtney

    “i love you!” the little voice said.

    mrs. cobain yelled back, “i love you too!”

    then she said, “i cant hear you I LOVE YOU TOO LITTLE FUCKING KID!”

    this video captures that lovely punk rock exchange

    courtney was the grizzled blast from the past with both something to prove (that she’s still relevant)

    and nothing to prove

    but meanwhile Lana strolled around the big stage like a pretty girl just waking from a dream

    talking to the deers in the forrest in her party dress

    having conversations with imaginary creatures who love her

    famous rock critic katie bain who loves all sorts of music doesnt love lana

    who knows why

    lots of people think shes manufactured and phony and usually im the one calling bs

    but for some reason i totally get lana

    she seems like a young stiffler’s mom.

    she seems like she would be fun at a party

    but would pass out early in the night

    just like me