shout out to my man don frances


many moons ago i was a happy bachelor living alone on 24th and Potrero in the mission district.

i had a sweet 1BD apt with a fireplace, dishwasher, washer drier in the bathroom. i even had a balcony that overlooked a church.

god i was happy.

but then don (pictured with the sexy glasses) and charlie knocked on my door and invited me to move to 591 haight street and live with them in a huge victorian.

5 bedrooms and one little bathroom.

i said no of course. why would i leave my beautiful pad? they said because of all the cool people youre gonna meet. including the women!

i said oh im up to my neck in women. all they do is come over and love me and dance around and then go home. it’s like heaven!

lies they said (and they were right) so i packed up my entire apartment and moved into one room!

i had a terrific time and fell in love with the truest and moved outta the haight house with her and never looked back, except for all the time.

now i hear Don has just had open heart surgery!

he’s ok, but a prayer would be nice.

keep Don safe and strong, Lord