1. Sunday, May 31, 2015

    the olden times 

    the olden times

    there are some things i miss about the olden days:

    arcade parlors, mtv, less than a buck a gallon gasoline, record stores, afros, harry caray

    things that im thrilled are around nowadays:

    the internet, wifi, dvrs, $400 55″ lcd tvs, 99cent jack in the box tacos, text messaging, blogging

    when i think about LA i usually think about the things that arent here any more, which is weird, because it dont think that about my wallet or heart, why would i care about westwood?

    but i do, and i talk about it all the time, and some people who were here when it was happening understand

    but about just as many dont. they say f westwood.

    in fact the most LA response i get is,

    “can you imagine the traffic if westwood came back?”


    in the olden times ppl loved crowds.

    and hats.