there was a time when ladies were basically naked all the time

naked white ladies

which must have been something to see because the painters sure painted the hell out of it.

but what i like were the babies seemed to have more on the ball than they do now.

i never saw a baby from the olden times with a pacifier or a blanket that they were obsessed with.

there were no ipads blasting Dora the Explora to keep them occupied.

they were just naked and fat and basically short little humans.

what happened to us?

now there are clothes and jackets and ponchos and hats and scarves.

women wear the biggest scarves these days. they even have a name for the giant things,

although i cannot recall it.

Material is really all it is. huge swaths of stuff.

personally im glad we cover up a little nowadays. i get distracted by belly shirts and knee highs.

which i stopped wearing them.