today i thanked my mom for not tossing me in the garbage

me and mom when it began

i was so little it woulda been easy.

plus back in the 60s, who woulda missed a little black boy in DC?

hardly anyone.

but no, she kept me safe and fed me and clothed me and took me to school and practices and games and recitals and to the movies and to concerts

have i told you about the time my mom drove me to see AC/DC back in black tour and said, ok call me when its over and i’ll pick you up.

we did not live near that arena.

but in the middle of the night my mom drove her Pontiac Grand Prix through the suburbs of Illinois and retrieved her first born.

she coulda left me at the Rosemont Horizon. who woulda missed a teenage black boy whose mind was freshly blown?

later she paid off my college loans, listened to my crazy tales of frisco then westwood then hollywood.

she saw me rise and fall and whatever this is now

me and mom at the oscars

she endured the curse words out of my mouth and typewriter

and my oh my some of the girls she was introduced to.

at every turn she could have poisoned my fruit punch soda, but no

she loved me and supported me and sent me easter baskets and birthday cards

and christmas boxes because i didnt wanna go back to Chicago in the snow and cold.

there are so many good things that ive learned from her and try to emulate

i will never gain them all, but i will keep on trying

because thats what she does.

i love you mom! happy mothers day!