with uber plus youve gotta find your spots, but its worth it

drugsthe good thing about uber plus is you make twice the amount of money per ride.

the bad thing is theres a lot less rides.

so youve gotta be patient and learn where the rides are gonna come from. which is a fun little game because when youre right you can make $50 for a 20 minute drive.

the weird thing is i never know what music to play. these are well-heeled people requesting a mercedes or beamer and they probably dont wanna hear all the booty shaking music the ladies of uber x usually respond to,

or the classic rock or grunge the fellas seem to prefer.

so i usually put on sirius 67: Real Jazz. monk, coltrane, miles, etc.

every single time i ask them “is jazz ok or would you like something different?” they say, omg this is perfect, thank you!

and then we talk and barely hear the music.

except for last night i picked up two russian dudes at mr chows and a beautiful young lady. they made me wait a whopping ten minutes which is 5 mins more than id wait on regular uber but whatevs, so i didnt even ask them if the music was ok.

it was late at night, what else could they have wanted.

but the 60ish year old guy next to me says “can you put on something with a beat? edm or rap or something?”

so i turned the dial to BPM and he started singing along telling his friends in the back that he had just been to Ultra in Miami and it was fantastic.

after a while the selena gomez / zedd tune came on and he said, hey can you turn it up and really got into it.

this is why i dont do drugs. the world is a trip all by itself.