yes i have a fancy new car, no i havent really taken a picture of it

bekkai dont wanna steal its soul.

yours though i want.

maybe im trying to figure out if it does have a soul. it’s used, and looks it when you investigate it closely. theres scratches, scars, theres a story there.

im guessing it was abused by its original owner who didnt care about it. so many marks near the trunk. businessman with lots of suitcases. three years old but only 28k miles. they say thats normal. i say its abnormal.

the interior is fine though but the engine acts as if he gunned it a lot and maybe wasnt the best driver.

im positive the new car likes me better. sometimes you can just tell.

it ESPs me things.

why are people so rough on things? is that supposed to be manly?

why do people think everythings disposable?

why are they so selfish?

there was some issues at the dealership when i first got it and to apologize they told me that i could bring it in whenever i wanted to get a sweet ass detailing and wax job. i told them that after Coachella i would need a good deep cleaning and the other day i dropped it off with a short list of mechanical tweaks.

if it was an xbi car i woulda taken it to my guy in east la and bing bang boom it woulda been taken care of, so i was a little surprised when i got pushback from the dealer.

weird answers like, no we see no problems. except for a plastic bag in the exhaust.

i was all, hmmm well maybe thats why the pickup wasnt what it should be.

they were like, yeah whatever, but still thats not covered in the warranty so we’re gonna charge you $85 to get it out of there.

youre not gonna charge me anything.

yes we are.

i will bet you 86 dollars you wont. do you want to bet me. do you want to lose a days pay by saying one more word to me?

i was not charged for the removal of the bag. which was probably there when the car was originally delivered. people are busy. no one has pride any more.

people think everythings disposable.

its snot.