the silver lake drug store is closing

drug storeand they didnt even ask me first.

its on the corner of silver lake blvd and sunset.

the Silversun Pickups named themselves after that corner right before they decided to copy Smashing Pumpkins.

Tsar played next door at the Silverlake Lounge, as did the Grates and Those Darlins on my birthday.

across the street there used to be a bad burger and pastrami joint which got bought by the dude who delivered a pizza at the Oscars

he of course turned it into a wood fire pizza place called Wood but ive never seen one person in it ever except for the employees

who look at each other and at the drug store and then at the ground.

to the west is Silver Lake Ramen because the rule of that corner is you have to have the most obvious and dull names for your ish

but the ramen place is good and packed and the hipsters cant get enough which is why sass and i were there the other day.

little known fact about Sass, when she cries, it’s little tears that taste just like ramen

tell her about a puppy who lost its way home and had to take a cab

but when he got home the cabbie wouldnt accept his american express card

so the puppy said oh my bad, and handed over a Visa

but the cabbie said my credit machine no work: broken!

and the puppy said i got no cash bro

so the cabbie turned around and drove the dog back to where he picked him up.

that’ll make sass cry.

and closing a drug store with a huge sign that says Drugs will make me weep.

but my tears taste like victory.