now that Britney is single again, would i date her?

britneywhat do i care?

sure. fine.

i would do it for all the wrong reasons though.

i would do it to hang out in Vegas more.

i would do it to secretly compete against K-Fed.

i would do it to help her write her autobiography, which has to be fascinating.

i would do it to help her lose that weird fog that seems to be in her head and bring back that Louisiana spark plug who we all thought would be our spirit animal.

i would do it to help her make that pop-opera that we all know is inside her.

i dont want to change her. ok maybe a little. but the weird thing about Britney is she’s gone through tons of changes herself.

there was a time i wouldnt even consider dating her. i was way more an Xtina person. but now she seems boring.

Brit has never been boring. she has always kept it real. which is why im distracted by the haze.

i feel she needs to go back to making live videos.

she needs to do some heavy metal covers, but popped out.

likewise, some acoustic numbers.

i want her to surprise people at 1am at Bonnaroo, Jazz Fest, Lollapalooza.

people Love her and are rooting for her. but so many would never buy a ticket to one of her shows. fine. just appear places then. do 20 minutes of hits that the kids can sing along to

and dance to

and then peace out.

Bonus Britney

the tour.

yr welcome.