last week showed why you should never kill yrself

9EHjU1kso much can happen in just a day, let alone a week.

unfortunately for politicians and others who like to drag their feet it also shows how lame excuses are.

when someone wants to make things happen they usually can.

for some reason i have let my apartment sorta lay dormant in the decorations department.

did i think i was going to move or something? no.

i only have one string of christmas lights, hardly and pictures on the walls.

it’s been years since the xbi tore everything down in an attempt to rattle my cage.

maybe my cage was rattled.

we are all sensitive poets to a certain degree.

we all react weirdly when weird things happen.

the politicians and justices who grew up 50 years ago when gays pretty much had to stay in the closet and confederate flags flew everywhere they wanted

probably never thought theyd see this day where equal rights for all really meant equal rights for all

except for symbols of hate.

so i sorta understand mike huckabee saying who cares what the supreme court says.

although thats not the thing youd expect from a presidential candidate or a preacher, especially when the good book says for us to follow the laws of the land.

and love our neighbor.

and not to judge.

but then again maybe huckabee is the lost sheep that we need to shepard over

and forgive.

and remind that we are all god’s creatures. every one of us.

who all deserve love. and are reflections of the Creator.

and just like we have grown and changed from the mud we once were in Genesis to the men and women we are today, God evolved in his thinking as well in the bible

and symbolized his new commitment to love us and protect us

with the rainbow.