i wonder if i will be excited this year

marki wonder if there will be something that makes me go

o m g

acdc at coachella was fine, but when i was 14 it blew my mind

do i even have a mind to blow any mo?

is my problem that i do all the safe things? i have no more edge?

theres no more danger in my days?

am i dating the wrong girls? are they too predictable, too polite, not enough edge?

should i date sisters, should i date twins?

is it even legal to do that?

only twins id date are lemei and lily up in canada but im pretty sure they dont wanna share a boyfriend.

half a boyfriend is all you really want anyways, ladies, thats what ive learned.

would two girlfriends even be that exciting or would it be work?

what would be exciting?

chasing your actual dreams.


writing something that scares the hell out of you.

making a magazine with xTx.

joining the navy.

letting the cats go outside.

getting a personality test next door.

learning to surf.

cooking dinner for the poor.

tossing half of everything thats in my closets.