im super busy. no time to blog.

jessica chastain bryce dallas howard2ive gotta edit this one transcription. then edit another. then interview a super famous person. then write this other thing.

one thing is due at the end of the day today.

other thing is due at the end of the day tomorrow.

the other thing has to be brilliant or else.

if any of these things would have happened by themself, then id have been fine, but theyre all happening at the same time and its driving me nuts.

meanwhile ppl are saying doesnt bryce dallas howard look JUST like jessica chastain?

and im like no, ive seen them both in person and jessica chastain looks like shes from some other world of beautifulness

and bryce dallas howard is just a pretty young ginger.

but then someone showed me a bunch of pics of them and im all omg yes BUT I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THIS

the truest mended my broken arms. so i ubered last night to great success thanks to E3. i even caught a Plus surge which never happens.

it was surging for like 30 seconds and i caught it and had to go across town: $80, which is nothing for cabs but quite a lot for Uber.

i suppose my stress, like that fare, is all relative. and i should just chill and eat my sandwich.

my sandwhich artist said to me: you looked stressed. did you pray this morning?

this morning, i asked? you pray in the morning?

he said, yes, I pray at night about yesterday i pray in the morning for today.

and i said, great, now im learning i dont even pray right.

he said yes, but you tip well so c’est d’accord.