it’s impossible for me to believe MTV cannot thrive again

taylor swift shaking it off

you cannot tell me that the kids dont love music any more

or that the artists wouldnt love and be benefitted from being on tv dozens of times a day

on a real channel, not any of this bs they call music tv nowadays.

you need vjs, you need trl, you need unplugged. on one meaty channel.

and how on earth is replaying the new version of Candid Camera all day worthy of MTV

it clearly doesnt cost nothin but could it possibly be getting any ratings?

wasnt the lazy excuse of removing videos from MTV the theory that in order to get better ratings you needed original programming at a certain hour so the kids

would have to tune in at that hour.

how are four-hour blocks of Ridiculousness and reruns of My Super Sweet 16 appointment viewing?

and how is that any better for your brand and eyeballs than fresh new music videos from some of the biggest stars music has had in a long time:


Taylor Swift

One Direction

Foo Fighters


Katy Perry

these people were MADE to be on your tv.

how are there not a new Rolling Stones video leading into Miley and Ariana in unicorn pjs?

does viacom hate success?

seriously how hard would it be to have  something like

Monday Open Mic

where every ten minutes or so one of the biggest stars in music plays a song or two

a parade of whoever feels like playing their hit.

all it is is a green screen that they walk in front of and either trippiness gets projected on it

or kittens playing with yarn.

because it’s a green screen these artists can be any where. so even though it’s live

it’s actually being shot all around the world.

and delivered to your tv.

your mtv

for three hours every monday night

and i bet you people will watch that shit.

we live in a Selfie World

music videos were tv’s first selfies

theres no better time to bring them back.