made a big trade this week

big trade

besides the world famous busblog league, my favorite baseball league is LouisvilleSluggerville.

this is my seventh year playing in it. it’s a keeper league.

ive never placed higher than fourth place, but usually i get massacred.

my problem is i have no pitching.

my outfield is amazing: trout, braun, harper and now billy burns

meaning the dirty cardinal Matt Holliday was ripe to get his ass traded.

young Carlos Correa got called up from triple A on monday and i didnt learn about it until too late

big papifortunately the commish, mike, owner of Gold Balls, was willing to part with the unproven rookie

in exchange for Holliday, who’s batting .303, and Nats infielder Yunel Escobar who is hitting .319

as long as he gave me a decent starting pitcher to help out my horrible rotation.

so i got Ubaldo Jiménez who only has 3 wins (his last four starts were no decisions and the one before those was a loss).

why would i want him? because his era is just barely over 3, his whip is just 1.26

and with 60ks he’s suddenly my second best pitcher in regards to strikeouts.

the day after mike accepted the trade Correa hit a homer and stole a base and Holliday went on the DL.

which hopefully symbolizes how amazing a trade this will be for my team, papi*

why is there an asterisk after the name of my team?

i put that on there in 2009 once some of the results from the mitchell report came out

and my best player, who i named my team after, had allegedly failed a drug test.

mlb refuses to tell papi what drugs were in his system, but

once someone as huge as Baseball puts a stain on your name

its super hard to remove it.