1. Sunday, June 7, 2015

    matt welch has a solid, unhysterical interview with Rand Paul 

    my man matt welch should have his own tv show.

    maybe just call it


    on it he can talk to politicians, musicians, and baseball people.

    it should be on msnbc and it should follow Maddow.

    why? because when matt talks with people he isn’t trying to be showbiz and crazy

    and omg.

    he just wants to get to the bottom of things in an intellectual and normal way.

    because of that, his guests dont have to – if they dont wanna – put on all of their weirdo little affectations.

    in this week’s interview with the republican frontrunner, they talk about drugs, snowden, and the NSA

    as if they were simply sending and replying text messages

    in lowercase.

    this is what some of us want, american tv programmers.

    we dont need phony baloney hosts getting all cray.

    maybe some of the simpleminded do, but many of us dont.

    we can find our entertainment elsewhere.