maybe zulieka has it all figured out

zuliekamaybe the goal isnt to blog every day. maybe you should take all of may off and now most of june.

maybe bloggers should just be mommies and daddies and call it a day.

i know being a parent and a partner is hard and time consuming and it eats up your whole life – if youre doing it right. but you really dont have 20 minutes to write?

how did tolstoy do it? mark twain loved his daughter, still he wrote.

heather the rabbit reels off interesting tales.

why not zulieka? the blogospheres sleeping beauty.

last night i had ramen at silver lake ramen with sass. i took an uber over. uber pool. $4. i tipped the guy $2.

as he and i chatted i realized he didnt understand anything i was saying.

today when i emailed uber to see if they could start sending me my weekly summaries again – its been 8 months – i started to see that that guy didnt understand what i was saying either.

am i in some weird bubble? am i in a dream and i think im awake but im actually dozing on my couch while trying to watch a movie?

last night i was trying to watch Andy Griffith in the old film “A Face in the Crowd” but i kept falling asleep cuz it was midnight and im a very old person.

is this really my life? shouldnt i be doing something more interesting? more important? is that was z is doing? something of more value than blogging better than everyone else?

the cats are irritating me. actually only the boy. i used to like him better but now hes annoying. he puts his paw under my door at 4am so i throw a shoe at it. then a few minutes later he does it again so i storm to the door chase him around the living room and do the one thing i know he hates:

i trim a toe nail.

he struggles but i put a blanket over his head so he doesnt bite me.

its traumatizing and guess what – he knocks that shit off.

is that what ive evolved to? kitty trainer?

seems like it.