nine years ago today i took over LAist

the pants tony pierce and big tanky

we had a big introductory meeting at the good luck bar on hillhurst.

i had no idea what i was gonna do with that blog,

but i knew i didnt wanna screw it up for the next person.

i was able to succeed because my bosses jake and jen gave me free reign.

i think they talked to me like 5 times total about what their general ideas were

but for the majority of it all they were like, dude this is your puppy, just dont get us sued.

we broke all sorts of records, had lots of fun, and several people who trusted me and volunteered

ended up with paying writing and photography gigs all over.

again: when i started i had no idea what i was gonna do with that blog

i even went to vegas first to sort out my mind, but that was useless.

the only thing that works for me is to get in the middle of it all

surround myself with exciting, creative, good hearted people

and work together into trying to make something cool one day at a time.

did i care if they had experience? no. because life is experience.

did i care that they were good writers? no. because life makes you good at everything.

did i care that some of them misunderstood me at first?

yes, but i shouldnt have. LA is huge, and also

even the moon, far away as it is, has fans down here on earth.

just shine.