the ever wise ashley rose once told me that im never satisfied

case closed

at the time she was 19 and i was in my 30s and some of my female friends would judgingly ask me

what could you two possibly talk about?

little did they know that we actually talked a lot about everything all the time

possibly because she was eerily insightful, particularly about the things she obsessed about

and for that little stretch of time it was me.

i thought of her last night as i was at the so-called N.W.A reunion

so-called because Dr. Dre chose not to attend

which made it an Ice Cube MC Ren DJ Yella reunion, which is nice but come on.

with Eazy resting in peace you really need Dre there even more and without him there,

well let’s just say that even with incredible seats, i was a pouty little disappointed man.

not even three huge beers helped.


it’s not wrong to want things. or expect what is being advertised.

but of the surviving members of Niggaz Wit Attitudes,

Dr. Dre is just as important as Ice Cube

and the fact that he took what he learned as their DJ and producer

and parlayed that into a legendary solo record and incredible post- NWA producing efforts

makes his fans want him to show up with the ganstas who got him there

that much more.

bus drinking water

his buddy snoop dogg was the opener for Ice Cube and MC Ren and Yella

yes snoop dogg, who probably would NOT be on the stage if it wasnt for Dre

snoop dogg, dre’s sidekick immediately after leaving the worlds most dangerous group

Dre’s “The Chronic” is just as much Snoop’s coming out party as it is Dre’s.

the only person missing was Eminem, and guess what, he doesn’t like to leave the house neither.

so yes i was disappointed

just hours after being hugely satisfied and thrilled about marriage equality becoming law.

it was nice to feel that feeling of satisfaction because it’s nice to know that im capable of it.

but man was it sad to be let down by and decent rap show at the basketball stadium.

Ice Cube


the girls were pretty

and the cookie tasted good.