the thing you should know about me is

townsend and jimi and the who

im full of love. love for all things and all people. i love all music thats actual music and art thats art.

who decides whats actual and whats real? me. i am also judge and jury. of love. and realness.

this is a burden and gets in the way of the love that feels the need to come out of me,

but i make due.

the good book is my favorite book and it says over and over not to judge but come on

who are we kidding. when you see the who or jimi or keith moon doing their thing

then you see a bunch of knuckleheads, what are you supposed to do?


sorry charlie, suddenly i feel its time to judge, against my will. it’s terrible. it makes me sad.

but then i open my eyes to the stars or the grass or simpler things, like phil collins

and i laugh. keep laughing the voices say, it’s like food for your heart of love.

and of course theyre right. all the voices. all the critics. and the feels.

cuz y not.