1. Monday, June 15, 2015

    truest is now back on the road. sigh. 


    it’s amazing how it feels when someone who really truly loves you for all the right reasons

    and who is also an angel inside and out

    and who knows you for you and not some weird made up image.

    we parked a moving van on a busy street. we bought a box of 20 $5 sunglasses for $2 each.

    my cats immediately fell for her in beautiful (and insulting) ways.

    even jeanine seemed happier than normal which is tough because jeanine has caught the Spirit.

    so i said truest, move in with me, fix up my place. repair my heart. love these kittens.

    and she laughed and i said no seriously. and she said nah.

    but you can come up to oregon whenever you want and see me some time.

    and we watched john oliver last week tonight holding hands and laughing.

    and in the morning we said goodbye and she cried and i cried.

    then i cried some more.