truest will be here in a few hours and i dont know what to wear


truth is i look good in anything. but thats not the point.

my house is dirty, theres cat hair everywhere, and who knows where we’ll park the moving van

the good news is the truest is an angel from heaven and can only see peoples hearts.

it’s a trait, she tells me, that we can all muster, if we practice.


the general plan is to take her to see jeanine, break her out of the pen

eat some soul food and then go to the dinosaur movie.

this is why women want me.

but the biggest issue is she is very particular about beds.

when we lived in frisco she could tell if the slightest thing was wrong with the mattress pad.

currently my bed is broken and resting on about 18 card board boxes of various sizes

because im an amateur hoarder. and where else am i going to store my yearbooks

and baseball cards. and cassette tapes, and maxims, and power cords and baseballs.

and the mattress sinks in the center, and the headboard is unsafe.

theres no food in the house. and i should be doing laundry.

instead im watching the kittens lick each other

as orange is the new black plays

and i blog blog blog.