what did i even do yesterday

alioh yeah: everything.

my real work has been busy, which is great. i love my job especially when theres lots to do.

in college i had four jobs, in frisco i had three, i guess because im elderly now i only have two.

it’s not the money im seeking, otherwise i would just go into real estate, it’s the experiences, the people you meet, the things you learn.

money is the biggest fakeout. most of us make the same amount, relatively, so the question is what did you even do yesterday and usually most of that has to do with what you did at work.

one thing i did yesterday was go to our incredible library to research something im writing.

i was so overwhelmed with how much good stuff is there i nearly fell asleep. which was weird. particularly because i had just had a coke. then i took a quick walk around the library and i was back.

a lesson i learned researching three really good movies was how brutal some of the negative criticisms can be. mixed reviews are common

but mama mia some very big newspapers can just tear apart something that later is considered great

while at the same time some other very big papers praise it.

i guess the takeaway is never read the reviews.

afterwards i listened to the nba finals on the radio while ubering. all i wanted was a trip to the airport.

at 8:30pm i gave up and as i was driving home got a ping from a huge fancy condo off wilshire in westwood

down came someone who looked like a supermodel heading to the airport.

she discovered her flight was being delayed an hour and decided not to turn around. as we headed to the airport i was trying to figure out how to say

“hey how about you and i have some quick sushi at kanpai for a half hour” but uber drivers are creepy enough.

i did tell her about it, but she wasnt interested.

then we passed In N Out and I said, i can drive you through there if you want.

and she said the saddest thing, “in a different life, i’d love to eat dinner there.”