when bad things get better

14 year old black girlthis weekend we were all shocked as a little hyper white cop barrel rolled into a community in texas

where a white woman was having a fight with a black kid after the woman told the kid and other kids to “go back to their Section 8 neighborhoods” and swim in the pools there.

the cop is seen in the video handcuffing black kids left and right

and then forcing a 14-year-old black girl in a bikini face down into the grass as she cried to whoever was listening to call her momma.

the cop has since quit the force. for some reason he will get to keep his benefits and pension.

and now the news is that he has left town because he’s getting death threats, which is sad, because no one should be killed for having a bad day.

however no kid leaving a pool party should have a gun pointed at them either.

especially by someone who is supposed to protect and serve.

i’m critical of all the presidents of the united states because, simply put, they work for me. they work for you too. and i realize that President Obama is working on trade deals and Isis and a ton of other things

but as the first half black half white president, how about doing something that only a mixed race president can do: bring the discussion of race front-and-center to the American people.

im not saying Obama has to have any solutions, but he can be the one that starts a sober, organized chat that could lead to something that could improve race relations in a country that clearly still has a lot of work to be done.

people talk about presidents and their legacies all the time. Obamacare is great and all, but what have you done for us lately? let’s work on race while we still have a brother in the white house.