i have two cats, prince and michael

prince is the boy and he is always up and checking things out and investigating. he loves me the most. he kneads my velour robe. he lets me put him in boxes.

michael is a cat. she keeps her distance. she stands back when prince is eating. shes quick to jump away from something that made a sound. and she sleeps a lot.

right now prince is looking at the ceiling fan above my bed. hes trying to figure it out even though i tell him it’s magic, just let it be.

michael is the only one with a collar. prince had one too but he figured out how to get it off. fine.

even though prince follows me everywhere he isn’t good at tricks. michael is. shes the trick expert. she doesnt even care about the snack because she prefers juicing.

michael will eat anything, chase anything, climb everywhere, and be the first to put his paw under a closed door and bang on it to demand entrance. he’ll bite at me if i spend too much time trimming his toe nails. and whine the most when he’s put in time out.

michael is quiet. she even purrs quietly. she doesnt like to be carried around on her back like a baby so i try to carry her on her back like a baby at least once a day. she snorts like she cant breathe on her back.

pussy, prince purrs when he hears that.

Misty Copeland, 32, has become the first black ballerina to lead the ABT


Maybe Blacks are taking over this country.


Misty was born in Kansas City, but that wasn’t held against her.


She’s appeared in a Diet Dr. Pepper commercial

and went on tour as a dancer with Prince during his 20Ten tour


“My fears are that it could be another two decades before another black woman is in the position that I hold with an elite ballet company,” Misty wrote in her autobiography last year.

“That if I don’t rise to principal, people will feel I have failed them.”

Well, you have not failed us. So dance my black swan.