one of the rules of uber is dont get your hopes up

chicagobecause they’ll be dashed.

today i had very few rides but they were all good

and then my hands started hurting

then my arms.

then it got hot.

then my legs got tired.

somehow i put in 100 miles.

somehow i picked up a cross dresser in a poor part of town and drove her all the way to beverly hills.

then i took four college girls, all under 21 to the beach, which was jam packed.

they had never heard of pee-wee’s big adventure.

why am i on this planet?

yesterday i had a really long ride with two very cool people who lived in bel air

we talked about music the whole time because they go to shows a lot

they were probably in the music biz

but when im driving uber plus i dont ask any personal questions like “what do you do”

it never came up.

they were on their way to see television.

traffic was bad and we had to take a long way

so it was $84.

i got some tacos after that to celebrate.

im gonna get some sleep tonight so that im ready for tomorrow

but im not going to get my hopes up

(secretly theyre as up as they could possibly get because last year fourth of july was the busiest ive ever been)