i had such a good night last night

venice on the fourth of july

the morning was a fakeout so i got back, took a nap, and just held back resting my arms and hands.

i have this great compression sleeve that sends blood to the arms from a distant galaxy.

i wore a dress shirt so i could cover it.

from looking at the trips i did last fourth of july i saw that it really didnt start surging until after 8:30pm and then it skyrocketed a few hours later.

not being out there at 5pm was hard, 6:30p even harder, but it was still sunny out there and bad traffic near the beaches, so i played NBA Jam and trusted the imagined Bill James numbers which is: why be out there driving, burning gasoline, if the odds are very low that you will make good money. sit back. wait for your moment.

internsand sure enough at 8:30pm it got above 2x for the first time in weeks. then at 10 it was 5x. even Uber Plus was 1.2x then 1.4, even 2x. double uber plus? yes please!

and everyone was fine with the prices. no one griped. how could they? it was either use us or use cabs which were super busy too.

i got a 1.4 uber plus ride from manhattan beach to culver and they were super nice. it was a joy. and $58 later they told me how great i was.

uber, do not be ashamed of allowing surges when there is actually demand. (some think the company has been manipulating the surges, preventing them from happening. but who knows.)

once in culver i didnt want to go back to the beach cities even though it was surging there. the reason it surges there is bc no one wants to go there. typically shorter rides because those people dont leave their bubbles. and the frat boy percentages skyrocket the closer you get to hermosa.

i made my money there and was glad to be out. even when uber x was down to 2.0 i was all, im in venice, who knows maybe i’ll get some hipster who wants to get back to dtla.

instead i got two cute young ladies in the marina wanting to go to another party across the canals of venice.

strange fact: i’d never been across the canals of venice, california, but id been across the canals of venice, italy twice. once when i turned 21 an once a decade later.