i shoulda known Time Warner Cable was gonna be bad

beautiful ladyeveryone warned me.

their customer service is notoriously bad. their regular service is almost legendary in how horrible it is.

but the price was right, i had very few options, and at the time they were the only way i could see Dodgers baseball.

and who doesnt wanna see and hear Vin Scully every day?

the first sign that things were immediately falling apart were my internet speeds.

i am paying to have “up to 300 mbps” which is pretty great. but i hardly ever get that.

i am getting way faster speeds than what i had with ATT Uverse but still, it can fluctuate from 25 to 125 in minutes for no real reason.

but now the worst is happening. my DVR box will just turn off out of the blue. i unplug it and plug it back and it can take up to 10 minutes to reboot.

often during the day it will shut off and not record what was scheduled.

you have one job digital video recorder.

i should have taken it in on Friday when i had a day off but i was lazy.

at $111 a month to have cable, internet and a landline is pretty great price.

unfortch the quality of what im getting is mighty bad. but still better than what i had previously.

lets see if a new box will help the deal.