today is xTx’s birthday, she’s my hero

xtxxTx does everything i wish i could do. she does all the things i preach – but don’t do. wont do. cant do.

she writes creatively from her heart. she keeps it real. she writes about



she uses curse words. lets her mind flow. not only goes into the dark crevices of her gray matter but explores in there. sets up a base camp. hangs out. eats dehydrated meals in there. maps out the particularly odd spots.

she names the places that she loves after greek poets. she is not afraid to delve deeper, set off explosions and then research how the rocks fell and the birds flew away and how the dust settled.

she writes under an assumed name (her Christian name is TxT). she plays with herself and tape records it and plays it backwards and adds a beat and horns and cowbells and sends it to The Weeknd who then remixes it.

xTx shows other bloggers that not only can you kick ass on blogspot but you can turn that into books and speaking engagements and magazine spots and soon to be major motion pictures starring her stink finger.

she is more of a man than i ever will be. she is more courageous than that guy who took the balloon to the edge of the stratosphere and then jumped.


because xTx has no parachute. just a fake name. thats all. and fake stories.

but we all have fake stories.

so why dont we tell them? why are we so afraid when we all have the parachute of nothing in here is true?

because we lack the one thing that xTx has in spades

the desire to get it all out there.

and i love her for that.

and you do too.