and they say theres no chicks at comicon

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i took a day off from ubering yesterday. probably first saturday i didnt drive since forever.

i did do one ride.

i got up late, headed to beverly hills, picked up three girls in bikini tops,

but they were just going to a friends pool party.

minimum fare: $10.

they wanted to use the Aux cord, which i dont have in my benzo. the ride couldnta been more than five minutes.

you really cant just listen to the radio for five minutes?

driving is an emotional thing. when it’s slow it’s depressing. when there are no surges: even worse.

gas priceswhen it’s busy you’re motivated, you want to go all night. remember when i would go all night?

now i just dick around in my little spots and if someone else is there i leave.

it will take an hour to get a ride. i should just stay put for an hour but im impatient.

i’ll walk around george michael park across from the beverly hills hotel and get my steps in.

but sometimes its too hot and i’ll build up a little sweat, which isnt good for a driver, so i’ll stop.

cant win!

then somehow gas prices soared by a buck almost over night.

obama how is this possible?

how can they take forever to sink but if you blink they’re higher than they have been in years? all of them. at the same time?

they all get their gas from exactly the same guy? OBAMA ISNT THIS COLLUSION?

i love my benz but i miss my ford. that car sipped gas. it scoffed at stations. it had pick up. i could talk to it.

it would remember the bands i liked and alert me if one of them was playing on a station i wasnt listening to.

hell yeah it had an aux jack, and a spot for a memory card for even more music.

but damn it got dirty easy. and it didnt look cool. and it would be very difficult these days to make $100 on a ride in that thing.

tradeoffs. who needs em.

ive been getting involved in internet sports gambling. way easier on the constitution.