the one thing i want in the world? easy. hillary vs trump.


the last time donald trump was majorly involved in politics i was got to cover it for the biggest political blog at the la times, top of the ticket.

i was blogging alongside andrew malcolm, which was a treat, but andy wrote from home so i didnt see him very often. he had a small office that over looked grand park, which didn’t look as grand as it does now,

but it was a view.

a cozy little airconditioned office with a view.

since andy worked from home, he allowed me to work there, so as i looked out at feral cats being fed by kind old women

i got to read and then write about trump claiming the president of the united states wasn’t american.

pretty much the funnest and funniest thing to write about.

trump represents all of the dreamy schoolkid fantasies about capitalism and the american dream.

the biggest being if you work super hard you’ll become super rich and be able to do whatever the hell you want to

the truth is you can always do whatever you want to.

me, i just want television to be better

i had a girlfriend who hated me

thats poisonmaybe more. but her definately.

she would write me notes telling me she loved me but she was also a huge liar.

i could tell she hated me because she never complimented me. not even when we talked dirty.

usually when you talk dirty the girl will say stuff like omg get that monster out of your pants. kiss my neck. i love it when you kiss my neck.

she wasnt like that. she was all, keep your shirt on. are you seriously proud of that gut?

she once called me skinny fat because she said i looked skinny when i had clothes on but then fat when i was naked. i laughed.

when we had sex it was magical and as good as the best sex either of had ever had and that made her mad because she wanted to hate that part of me too but she couldnt.

it wasnt that i was doing anything differently with her than with all the other thousands of runway models who i’ve known

but sometimes two bodies just fit.

the question though is, is that enough?

i ask because ive also had girlfriends who truly loved me. who gave me gifts and smooches and played with my chest hair and told me never to change.

the devil would try to convince me that these women were boring and i should boot them out of my presence immediately, because they were insane, obvs.

and sometimes i would.

i’d feel bad but not really because how could i love someone who loved me so strongly, moreso than i even loved myself? and deep down what was there really to love except a marvelous collection of baseball cards, old strings of christmas lights and playboy magazines?

and thats how i met your mother.

amy is terrific.

Amy Winehouse Movie Posteri love movies. especially music documentaries.

this year we have already seen one kurt cobain doc and another on the way.

kurt is probably my all time favorite dead rock star and even though montage of heck was good, “amy” is great.

one of the big differences is amy winehouse was being photographed and videotaped constantly through her whole ascent to superstardom

which is ironic because it is clear that she had zero interest in being famous.

kurt could pretend that fame wasnt of primary interest to him, but he did want it, he flirted with it and eventually signed with a huge label and made music videos and did all the things to be famous.

amy was different. she sang jazz. how you gonna be famous singing jazz? even punk rockers have their day now and then but jazz singers – in the 21st century? ha!

but there she was. in the spotlight. in love. always in love. and then in trouble. so much trouble.

i loved this movie because it made us fall for her in ways i never did when she was alive.

id seen her at sxsw and was not impressed. i watched her on tv now and then and was interested in her persona and her struggle. but i never really understood her story nor her music until last night at the academy screening of her new biopic.

this was a talented girl who, like many geniuses, had zero awareness to real life.

one of the funniest moments was when she was being filmed during a grammy ceremony and she heard the list of nominees and the title of their albums was shocked that justin timberlake’s was called “what goes around comes around”.

amy winehouse really knew that little about pop music? and she had that much disdain? despite being in the center of it?

it reminded me of Weezer’s “El Scorcho” where Rivers sings “I asked you to go to the Green Day concert / You said you never heard of them / (how cool is that?) / How cool is that? So I went to your room and read your diary.”

Amy is the video diary of the rise and fall of the best jazz singer of the new century.

and how love and fame and drugs and booze and the inability of parents and friends and even a record label cant stop imminent destruction.

it’s so weird to me that this story gets repeated so often in rock music and nothing can be done.

theres no guru? theres no rehab facility that works? theres no system? we just have to resign ourselves to the fact that the hangers on want to make money so they will keep pushing the stars onto the stage until they literally die?

i cried, sass cried, everyone cried. then they clapped at the end, then they clapped again. painfully good movie that hopefully influences some people.