an argument for copy and pasting from other sites on the web

tsar band girls moneywhen i was at the LAT there were some people who would get very uptight if blogs or other websites would copy and paste our copyrighted content and put it on their sites.

but as i briefly went through this post about Tsar’s second album, Band, Girls, Money, which came out 10 years ago this week, I noticed that hardly any of the links worked any more.

which made me glad that i copy and pasted the rave reviews from a decade ago because they wouldnt exist any more.

if publishers are going to continue to be irresponsible about preserving their work, why should bloggers and others link to them assuming the content will be up there forever?

the odds are that blogs, not professional sites, will have the content up longer. and isnt the point of all of this to honor the work?

with that said, if anyone wants to copy and paste any of my genius in the busblog, go for it. i cant predict what will happen ten years from now. even though this blog has been up since 2001, there have been times when some of it has fallen off the server because of previous CMS issues and hosting problems.

so what a better way to keep the messages and ideas alive than to have some sort of redundancy.

because, after all, what Billboard, the LA Weekly and other outlets thought about Tsar 10 years ago DOES matter and our children’s children should know about it even if i get hit by a bus and this domain lapses into (greater) obscurity.

with that said, holy crap, BAND GIRLS MONEY IS 10 YEARS OLD?!?!?! MAMA MIA!

i remember being very excited that Tsar had decided that their self titled debut, while being lovely, was a little soft due to the production and the fact that Disney wanted to see if the hard rock band would become more popular if they mellowed it all out a smidge.

the followup, B-G-M, was the opposite of soft. it was balls to the wall rock music. even the lyrics had edge. it was the dual guitar attack that we all saw in the small clubs from Spaceland to Hell’s Gate and there it was on wax, er, plastic. and it was beautiful.

while the debut was baby blue with clouds, this one was BLACK (with a hint of pink as a nod to their glam influences). BUT IT WAS BLACK. and funny and fast and rocking.

this is the record i play the most when i play Tsar and I can’t believe it’s a decade old.