i had a great day driving yesterday – what a relief

tumblr_misodrzJ451qbuwpuo1_500my work had a summer picnic, an anual affair, i even won a pair of expensive sunglasses at the raffle.

filled up with bbq, ice cream, and pop i hit the road a little earlier than normal and the gods were with me

almost every ride i took led to another ride.

not super long ones, except one to LAX with someone who wouldnt reveal who they were, but he loved the jazz i was playing so that was nice.

usually people will open up to me right away and i learn where they are from, what they do, their social security numbers, etc.

others are either very very private or very involved with their phones and offer up little info.

the latter are very rare. out of ten rides, eight will tell me everything. the number is higher with uber x.

one young lady yesterday totally loved me and i loved her right back. infact if i wasnt on such a roll i would have gone hiking with her as she lived right next to runyon and had never gone there (!) she was new in town from NYC and ran into some bad luck with flakey roommates and flakier so-called bffs.

she came here with her friends but then they bailed on her leaving her on her own in a city she knew little about.

22. adorable. a few tattoos. i picked her up at whole foods – something most drivers would never do because it almost always guarantees a short ride back to their house to drop off their groceries. but i got lucky, she wanted to run a few errands and didnt have a car, so she ordered uber plus? a mercedes? what?

one of the stops was to go to this deli because they had this special milk. i think it was persian milk. she had a little exotic flavor to her.

sometimes strangers can just click and she and i clicked and even though she was a sorta femme fatale on one hand (no friends, no job, no schooling) she was also shopping at expensive places and buying weird things. anyways usually id offer my phone number, but im a million years old. ive had enough of the 22 year olds. no matter how smart they are.

and funny.

and pretty.

enjoy LA on your own, just like i did. no one saved me. i came here alone. went to ucsb alone. ended up ok.

you can too.