are you tired of these uber stories yet?

poutine rufflestoo bad.

yesterday i did two rides after work and hit my goal and went home.

the first were this lovely couple in a rich part of town.

because the gas prices are so high a lot of uber drivers arent driving and i dont blame them. it cost me $57 to fill up yesterday and i wasnt even on E when i got gas (i usually fill up at 1/4 E because of earthquakes).

and because there are fewer ubers on the road it was surging. and when it surges, uber plus drivers take the bait and take uber x calls. i was almost one of those drivers when i got pinged by these nice rich people who had brought an expensive bottle of wine to enjoy with their meal.

we got on the 10 and fought traffic to get to DTLA to a fancy restaurant. but first we had to traverse through skid row which was interesting to them, but not delightful. how could it be?

it took 35 minutes to go 12 miles. not bad considering it was rush hour. Uber charged them $48, I got about $33, xtx.

i like being downtown at 7-8pm because theres still business people down there. the surge was way over and i drove down 6th to figueroa and got nothing so i looked on my passenger app and saw there were no uber plus cars by the bonneventure hotel and boom there was a parking spot so i got in there, turned off the car and checked my email.

before i was able to make it through all the fan mail i got beeped by a businessman at the standard.

picked him up, he was going to the airport.

as always i said, “is the jazz ok or would you like something else?”

he was a very serious guy so i was a bit shocked when he said, “jazz sucks”.

ahahaha i laughed. well youre the boss, i said, what would you like to hear.

we listened to heavy metal and talked football.

just shows to go ya, you can never assume anything in this world.

dropped him off for his red eye, called jeanine to see what she was up to as i drove through south central back home. satisfied.