i am hurt, i am hurting, but it’s ok

white onlymy fingers, my wrists, even my back is all

notice us, notice us, notice us.

i put icy hot on my hands and arms, i have these great elastic sleeves i put on my arms

but i lost one because im a slob.

so i just alternate the one back and forth like a hobo.

it only hurts when i drive which is sad because as you know i love driving.

maybe i need a back support dealie. maybe i need under armour. maybe i need new arms.

my cigarette lighter doesnt work any more. youd think the cigarette lighter in a mercedes would never break. its the thing that charges my cell phone as im driving.

gas prices here in LA are at record highs.

basically the entire universe is telling me not to drive but who’s going to be keira-anne’s tour guide.

i can tour guide for tops three days a year and then i get burned out.

on paper i could write the most amazing tour book about LA but not only dont i want to but it would be bizarre, filled mostly with various fast food establishments

places to buy bukowski books

and every movie theater and former record store in town.

fine, i’ll write it.

it was hot and rainy so i saw three movies

ant-manAnt-Man, Irrational Man, and Trainwreck

Ant-Man was a surprisingly funny Marvel super hero film that stars Paul Rudd as an unlikely leader among ants.

Crazy premise co-starring Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lily of Lost.

I liked it more than the typical Marvel movies because this one had a sense of humor along with it’s typical shoot em up action.

Irrational Man was sort of a disappointment because it is Woody Allen’s latest starring Joaquin Phoenix, my girlfriend Emma Stone and my other girlfriend Parker Posey. sooooo much talent on the screen and yet Woody mailed this one in. so sad.

in a way it’s a reverse murder mystery which is sorta interesting on paper but we play the game between the lines.

It would have been more interesting if Joaquin’s character had a little depth, if he changed a little, and if Emma Stone’s character would have been a little less predictable. Parker, weirdly, had a lot more to work with.

Also the music was lacking. I think I heard the same little jazz riff five times. I thought you loved jazz, Woody.

Trainwreck was the best of the three. Amy Schumer wrote and starred in this film that was directed by Judd Apatow. Perfect combination. Co-stars Lebron James, Bill Hader and a long list of former SNL regulars.

Very funny, very raunchy. But the climatic scene had many of us thinking the same thing Bill Hader’s character says “you dont have to do this.”

Why Apatow and Schumer thought it was necessary to put such a tired Act 3 in a movie that broke down so many stereotypes is confusing and disappointing.

But whatever, it was a movie starring a female who isn’t defined by falling in love with a successful, basically perfect man.

Oh wait.