my feature with John August is up on

big fish

when im not instagramming, tumbling and snapchatting, im writing on our site.

it’s a fun job but sometimes it can be Super fun.

the funnest thing i’ve gotten to do in a while is interview the prolific John August who has written lots of cool movies like Go, both Charlies Angels, and grip of Tim Burton films including Frankenweenie.

i work with an incredible team that made the feature ridiculously interactive and beautiful.

Click here to see it and click all the things that you can because it’s great and i couldnt be prouder.

took the night off, which is boring, but i was illin

hills housei like to work. i like to be moving. i like to meet people and help people and learn.

when i was in college i had three jobs. when i moved to frisco i had three jobs.

during LAist, the Times, and KPCC i had just one job but i spent all night working on those blogs because i was learning. (i also was freelancing with the xbi on occasion if they begged)

now i only have two jobs. which is fine. im older. i need to learn how to relax. which is tough. because when i relax i fall asleep.

so last night as you know my hands and back were hurting so i went out to the pool and put casablanca on the tv and just watched the moon and bogey do their thing.

i felt like i was retired. i feel asleep outside. i barely touched my food. it didnt feel right. i like to be out there. whats the use of being in LA if youre not gonna be out there?

if youre not gonna be out there why not just move to oregon where the land is cheap(er) and the homes are bigger and you can grow weed legally?

but this morning my hands and my back feel better and im rested and the cats were happy to see me and jeanine was happy i was around and alls well.

i do plan on seeing my doctor though because i feel like im too young for arthritis and i would hate to think that im actually hurting myself driving a freaking car.

as if!