yesterday was the day, boy


all weekend really. friday i picked up two black lesbian dominatrixes from their nail appointment in beverly hills.

we drove to south central and they told me about the femme-ey ones sugar daddy

and how he likes to wear her panties because its been so close to privates.

it was uber x and it was surging so i was making decent money and they wanted to stop off to get some money at a house

then go to the smoke shop then go home. all the way we were listening to power 106

talking about how we liked rihanna over beyonce, eminem over jay-z

these were my people. i was their man. but they didnt need no man.

only man they needed was the guy paying for the uber as we drove an hour across town.

then i met a mexican director who i picked up at the riot house.

he told me that leo dicaprio will win an oscar.

not this, but next, antonio.

downtown LA

everything i tried worked. the music sounded good. my hands didnt get sore.

i barely peed. and when i did i did it from an overpass in downtown.


do you let people do coke in your car? the tougher looking black girl said.

i said, i was put reflect freedom.

she said, am i crazy to let my girl get with old rich white men?

i said, we are nobody’s. we are everybody’s.

uh huh!

seriously, im 100% into this ride. i dont want to be with anyone else.

but when we’re done, i’ll miss you, i’ll think about you and you.

but whoever’s next i’m with them, one hundred.

shouldnt i be?

the snooty fox

but then yesterday. oh man, yesterday.

i liked to be out there at 8am on saturdays. airport runs. but i slept in. i was turrred.

my body’s all confused from drinking then not drinking coke.

i was on a strict one can a day diet. but then i read all this nonsense about

just how bad it is to drink even one can of coke a week!

so i got out there at 11am and i was rolling.

i had only made $175 all week and i really wanted closer to $400 because i was about to buy my tickets to chicago in september

and i wanted to fly Virgin and not Spirit.

for some reason i decided to go downtown since i had such fun there on friday.

soon as i get there i get a ping from a hotel and its a nice couple from santa fe springs

who want to go to the Grove.

they were having a cute staycation in the big city.

they wanted to do all the things they never did when they were in college here.


but the best ride was also the one where i got the lowest rating.

some guy ordered a porn star hooker to come down to this beach resort an hour away

she was wearing this see thru number, looked amazing.

she texted the whole time and made a few phone calls. it was from them that i deduced her profession.

we barely talked which is sad because i was super curious about her and i had picked up another porn star on her block about a year ago.

do they own the whole block?

pretty much the only thing we talked about in any depth was which way to go.

waze was telling me to take La Cienega through Inglewood

but the way she was dress, and the fact i knew the Phish show was about to let out, thus heavy traffic

plus i knew the 10 to the 405 would be way faster, made me ask

hey do you mind if i take the freeway?

she said she didnt care.

naturally when we approached the fancy resort she got a text from the dude who ordered her

and me

that i had “taken the long way”.

after checking my last rides, sure enough, i got 7 5-star reviews, 1 4-star (you cant win em all), and 1 1-star

i guess that was the guy who was mad that his smoking hot hooker pornstar

cost him $118 just for the ride.

and chose to take it out on my ratings.

girls girls girls

an hour from hollywood to rancho pv on a saturday night is “the long way”?

it was Only an hour and i even pulled over at a gas station to buy her a pack of gum

because she didnt have her ATM card on her.

she had very little on her.

after i dropped her off i figured what the heck maybe someone is trying to get out of this gorgeous sea side resort

and boom, a mom, her son, and his girlfriend had just spent all day there at a wedding

so we uber x’ed it a half hour away and i made another $10

used that money on jack in the box and took the 110 back to DTLA for one more ride.

got lucky by taking some sweet kids from the Nokia, sorry, the Microsoft Theatre to Sunset Junction

aka right by my house.

the Lord was looking out for me, thats for sure.

and i ended the week with $450.

so i bought the tickets.