got out of my ride and felt stiff

randomly searchedis this what getting old is like?

i drive so much, thats probably the problem. i feel great though. my hands my fingers, my legs. when you have rides all the aches go away.

but still, i cant go on like this.

theres a gym across the street from my work im thinking about joining. all i do at lunch is spend money. what a waste.

may as well run one day. lift the next day. do yoga the third day and get all of this back together.

i used to be an all star athlete.


when i walk down the street i dont feel like an old man. i park in a place thats actually a medical facility.

seeing the old people struggle to get in and out of their cars with the help of their filipino assistances is scary as hell.

these people didnt look like this when they were my age.

i dont know if i will live to 90 but if i do i dont want to be the people i see every morning.

i want to ride my hoverboard to the spot, ollie over a station wagon, jump off of it, and have it flip into my fanny pack.

like Al Gore intended.

these are my goals.