heres the problem with the Khaleesi, i mean tom brady


11 out of 12 of his balls were deflated.

one out of one of his cell phones was destroyed after the NFL started asking about it.

he’s a fucking cheater and a liar and destroyer of technology.

he shouldnt have even been allowed to play in the Super Bowl, but the NFL is just as fucked up.

would any man – especially a married man with a track record of dumping his pregnant girlfriend to get with a super model – want anyone rifling through his 10,000(!) text messages? no.

and thats where he should have just accepted the 2-game suspension that the league was offering if he just owned up to it.

instead he fought it. and lost. of course he lost. he had deflated his balls! youre going to lose when you cheat, text the ball boy, lie, have a history of lying and cheating, and then destroy your cellphone.

so the problem is now Tom Brady is going to facebook(!) to whine about how the league has wronged him and how neither he did anything wrong nor did anyone on his team do anything wrong.

negro, 11 out of 12 balls were deflated!

did that happen from magic?!?

like how you have never aged or gotten injured or lost a step in your long career in the NFL?

the only magic that exists is the fact that you even got to play in the Super Bowl after being caught cheating in the playoffs.

i know of no other place that would see someone cheating and let them continue their season without punishment and then wait months and months and months to come to a conclusion about something that was proven minutes after the playoff game.

THAT would have been the time to seize said Samsung phone.

THAT would have been the time to question the stuttering equipment dude.

THAT would have been the time to question the Golden Boy for 14 hours.

instead the league dragged their feet in hopes that their worst nightmares wouldnt be true: the face of their beloved and hugely profitable league wasn’t a dirty fucking cheater and liar and breaker of korean wireless communication.

the problem with Tom Brady is he has literally had his dick sucked so often that he thinks he can get away with whatever he wants to get away with.

sorry bro, the suck stops here.