today is Prince and Michael’s birthdays, they’re one

kittensthere were all these stray cats in our courtyard for a good year due to the cat lady next door who was evicted for having all of these cats in her home and hallway.

instead of taking them with her she just bailed and came back now and then to feed them.

the cats eventually wandered to our tropical courtyard and me and the neighbors feed them because they were cute and they pooped across the street in the unused grass of the big church.

i liked two cats the most, a black and white one that i named Blanket and a brown and white one i named Boldy but changed it to Wrigley. Wrigley would follow me from my car to my door and i would occasionally let him in but i respected his freedom and when he wanted to leave, i let him leave. same with Blanket.

one day Blanket seemed scratched up like he’d been in a fight. the next day he didnt come around. but the day after that he came back and he seemed even more scratched up. a week later in the middle of the night we neighbors heard such a blood curdling cry that we assumed a bald eagle had swooped down and torn one of the cats asunder.

the next day we agreed to stop feeding them because we were putting them in danger.

a few months later i stopped seeing Blanket. i figured he died.

until two little kittens appeared on my doorstep looking a lot like him.

i named them Prince and Michael.

i’d never held kittens. and these two were adorable and so sweet. i asked my neighbor what i should do and she said no way can we let them stay outside because what if that bald eagle comes back. i was all yeah. so i got some kitty litter and a box and plopped them on it and boom they peed. it was a modern miracle.

i got them some food and they ate it and feel asleep on my lap.

that was a year ago. they’ve never run out of the house. they seem very content inside running around, killing spiders and any creepy crawlers. they even killed a rodent once and that was when i loved them the most.

they are super co-dependent on each other and a joy to have around.

i dont even mind the cat hair that ends up on my clothes.

it’s their way of saying, thanks for all the fish.