the cats were all, hey why are there bars on the windows

freedom frames

i was like, those arent bars, those are Freedom Frames.

jeanine is staying with me now for a little while.

the place she was subletting mysteriously had a problem with subleasing once the main tenant reneged on the deal. will jeanine get the balance of her rent back? probably not.

when people are on the spiral down, and know the correct decision is rehab, often those people refuse to take the correct route until things have completely fallen apart.

as long as other people are paying your rent, it’s tough to completely fall apart.

thats one of the lessons i learned the last time jeanine was crashing on my couch.

now almost exactly a year later, she is fully recovered, working, vibrant, alive, coherent, and sparkling new.

it’s a joy to have her back here. the cats feel the same way.

huge shoutout to the Clare foundation, the state federal government for subsidizing programs like theirs, and Bill the founder AA.