the one thing i want in the world? easy. hillary vs trump.


the last time donald trump was majorly involved in politics i was got to cover it for the biggest political blog at the la times, top of the ticket.

i was blogging alongside andrew malcolm, which was a treat, but andy wrote from home so i didnt see him very often. he had a small office that over looked grand park, which didn’t look as grand as it does now,

but it was a view.

a cozy little airconditioned office with a view.

since andy worked from home, he allowed me to work there, so as i looked out at feral cats being fed by kind old women

i got to read and then write about trump claiming the president of the united states wasn’t american.

pretty much the funnest and funniest thing to write about.

trump represents all of the dreamy schoolkid fantasies about capitalism and the american dream.

the biggest being if you work super hard you’ll become super rich and be able to do whatever the hell you want to

the truth is you can always do whatever you want to.

me, i just want television to be better