a million years ago today Greg Vaine had an art show

portrait by greg vaine

i wanna do something on Medium. why not.

im thinking about putting old busblog posts on there. because no one else is.

i feel like i have 90% crud on this blog, which means 10% is halfway decent so why not repackage it like they do in box sets.

plus millions of people havent even ever heard of this thing so why not let them see it in a different frame.

so i was thinking about making a blog that is What Happened Today in the Past on the Busblog.

so i went back in the archives and the first thing i saw was a link to this photo essay of me chris and jeanine going to Greg’s art show where he had painted, among other things, a bunch of portraits of a few of his friends.

i was (and am) so honored that he chose me to be one of his subjects. i remember sitting for him for hours as he got my afro just right. then he painted.

i remember that being a really great day. it was so nice to hang with all of our friends. we’ve known each other for so long, it’s nuts. and theyre all so talented.

im not sure how medium would take it. old stuff? from a not famous dude? and so much of it is dirty lies? would it work? would it translate?

shouldnt i just trudge on into the future? shouldnt i try to write smart essays like all the other ppl on that thing?

who knows. no one knows. the web was just a blank canvas that al gore laid out for us and porn got thrown on there and then ebay and now pretty much anything you ever wanted is on there, but mostly cats.

time to shave my head and start the work week.

jake arrieta just tossed a no hitter at dodger stadium just cuz

no no

we’re gonna win the world series, i hope you know.

something interesting was happening when jake was closing the game out,

Live on MTV, Kanye West was delivering a crazy speech.

because im insane, i have two tvs in my bedroom specifically for moments like this.

meanwhile my man Ben was flying at 30,000 feet above mexico city and asked me to Periscope the no no

so i did

AND the kanye speech.

you can see it by clicking here.

it’s art, basically.

two years ago today robin thicke peaked and fell in the same night



the singer’s “blurred lines” video and single were top of the charts

it was produced by the red hot pharrell and his video featured the impossibly sexy emily ratajkowski,

it was cool, it was fun, and perfectly coifed robin thicke stood there as

the models strutted around him and pharrell counted the money.

and there he was center stage at the mtv vmas as miley cyrus finished singing her tune

all about she could do what ever she wanted

we run things, things dont run we

billy ray’s daughter then stripped off her clothes revealing a nude two piece number

and the pair traded lines on blurred lines, namely

i know you want it.

robin thicke mileywhile miley touched the Beetle Juice dressed thicke’s nether regions

with an oversized foam finger

and then bent over in front of him for about one second

and minds blew around the world.

and when it was over he smiled all the way to the backstage,

changed clothes

and then posed with a young lady

and just his luck there was a mirror behind them.

reflecting her behind, which was being assisted by his giant paw

sorry, giant married paw.

and just his luck the young lady posted the photo on instagram, she says unaware of anything more than her face and his face, never noticing the wander hand.

and then it all fell apart. just that quickly it was over. no one wanted to hear the overplayed song any more. everyone felt skeezy dancing to it. no one wanted to support a handsome pop singer doing what handsome pop singers do when they run across pretty girls backstage.

thicke apologized so much to his wife he even wrote an apology album and named it after her but that didnt work because sometimes the game is over and it doesnt matter how many times you say Beetlejuice nothings gonna change.

and then he got sued by Marvin Gaye’s estate for ripping off the late soul singer without crediting him and thicke lost millions.

the end

stay in school, dont do drugs

dont drink and text and drive

and keep your hands to yrself

cubs lost, but we won

tony pierce todd martens lily mazet at dodger stadium

todd, lily and i went to the cubs game friday because it was all you can drink for free beer night


typically i dont go to games where great pitchers are on the mound cuz theyre boring

but what are you gonna do: Not see clayton kershaw take on the cubbies on a friday night?

todd and i worked at the times together. lily and i worked at kpcc together.

lily now works at the times along with several people i worked at kpcc with

because the cream always rises to the top.

all of them are quietly saving the paper from oblivion

but dont tell anyone, it’s a secret.

front row

we had front row seats because thats all the xbi ever sends me.

i had two super dodger dogs and two goose island from chicago beers.

a couple of people walked past me and saw my cubs hat and said mean things

and to each of them i responded with a version of

thats ridiculous, the cubs have lost so many times to the dodgers you should be buying me hella beers rn.

one day i’ll get a beer out of it.

i took an uber to the times and on the ride the guy told me he was probably going to watch the game at a restaurant and then see if he could uber someone out of the game.

i said, dude we have an extra ticket. tell you what, if you drive us to the game, i’ll give you the extra for free.

ryno for prez

he was so happy.

i was happy too because for some weird reason i was having the hardest time finding a fourth person to go with us.

but then before we got to the paper he got a text.

his girlfriend won tickets to a burlesque show at the dragonfly.

so he was all, i’ll tell you what, i’ll drive you up there for free anyways.

when we got to the paper we picked up lily, then swung over to union station to get todd

and there we saw the free shuttles to the stadium

so we told uber guy no bother and got on the shuttle and this dude had a ryne sandberg hat from ’84.

the year that will live in infamy.

but the dude was too young to realize that probs.

lily is hydrated


after the game we did yoga at the train station.

todd won.

what it feel like to be a gen x stereotype

crazy ladyi want to drive, i dont want to drive.

its 7am. i could get a few rides in before work but im sitting here writing you. im motivated and unmotivated. im katy perry because im hot and im cold. im in then im out.

drove ok yesterday. first of the week. everything went fine. even caught an airport ride from the place where i shoulda gotten one, to the place where they shoulda gone. afterwards i drove home, ate some of jeanine’s homemade chili and watched fox news lose its mind that on one side they cant control trump and on the other hand now hillary is calmly calling them terrorists.

this morning erik erickson is waving the white flag of surrender, saying the GOP is over. dead. finito. and of course he puts a picture of abe lincoln on there AS IF THE GOP HAS HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH HONEST ABE SINCE THE 1800s.

he’s just butthurt that his bff the Koch Bros cant beat Obama, can’t beat Trump, and next year wont be able to beat Hillary. instead of saying that he is part of the problem and this problem started when Reagan traded arms for hostages, he blames the real estate tycoon from new york.

bro, you and your party lied about 9/11, lied about iraq, then did everything they could to dishonor and block the first black president from doing Anything in office despite what the american people wanted.

the american people want universal health care.

the american people want equal rights for all, including the gays and lesbians.

the american people want and end of the drug war.

and the american people, year after year, are more diverse, interesting, and courageous than those we see on Fox News.

a thousand years later, we still want our MTV.

the GOP is dead in the water because it has failed to change with the times and it has failed because it has been sucking on the teet of the 1% while preaching to the base that this is what you do if youre patriotic or some shit.

actually i dont know what they preach other than fear



i do want to drive but i also want to write. i want to write about how this is the 10th anniversary of katrina and 10 years ago the busblog would get 50 comments a post on topics like this and more on topics like black people loot, white people borrow.

katrina was an a-1 example that Bush was a puppet for Cheney and didn’t know what to do when it was his time to really lead. because the VP didn’t give one crap about climate change or the environment or the suffering people of New Orleans, he didn’t know how to instruct W as to what to do down there, so W flew over it and later told Brownie heck of a job.

black people looting?if erik erickson wants to point fingers on when this country realized that the GOP was only in it for the money, look no further than that moment, because it was obvs that they werent in public service for the public.

do i think its over for the republicans? no. they will survive only because the democrats have their own dirty diaper of problems that they refuse to clean up. they too are beholden to the rich. they refuse to abolish money from politics. they are terrified of falling on the sword. even though they see with their own eyes how Obama has been able to push his agendas through the system, theyre too cowardly to do as he did.

and for damn sure theyre terrified to take on the NSA, the pentagon, and the NRA. so a pox on their house too.

to quote the first batman movie, this town needs an enema, and Donald Trump smells like the right one to give it to them.

we may all die in the process, but the good thing is, if youve been a good little boy or girl, when you die you go to heaven.

this is barely even on a bob dylan album

it didnt make the cut for Blonde on Blonde even though dylan took 19 takes of it.

even though it’s amazing.

even though even with the abrupt ending, it’s perfect.

Yes, you, you just sit around and ask for ashtrays, can’t you reach?

the only way you can buy it is to spend $33 – or stream it.

how incredible is that? its almost like he doesnt want us to have it.

this is how art should be.

all the time.

art should always play hard to get when its this good.

last night i had dinner and gelato with a pretty girl


we talked about all sorts of things ranging from sex drugs rock

then she asked me if i ever had one who got away.

they all got away.

or i wasnt ready for any of them.

or if i was ready they werent ready.

but ready for what?

all we have is this moment. isnt that all we should want?

isnt this all a walk in the woods?

do we really want all the stuff to walk with us?

doesnt enough of it come anyways?

you never know what will happen when you answer those sorts of questions honestly, so you might as well.

i tolder no one ever got away because no ones mine to begin with

im not even mine.

theres a picture of me when im like 10 in little league. for so long i wanted to stay true to that kid. but that kid had no idea what was gonna happen today.

actually that kid used to say: wouldnt it be great if every time you turned on the tv it showed you right where you left off right before you turned it off?

so maybe he did know whats up.

it was Born to Run’s birthday yesterday, it’s 40

born to run

i took a long walk last night for a few reasons. one was because i wanted to rest my hands.

the other was because uber has hired way too many cars and i didnt get one ride after work.

so i walked.

and as i walked i listened to Born To Run on its birthday and was amazed as always.

im a weirdo. if i love a record i wont play it. i dont want it to get old. i never want to be bored of Born to Run.

bruuuucehow do you start a record with Thunder Road? hows that even possible? it’s possible if thats your only song. or maybe if you only have two good songs.

but when all of the songs are ridiculously good and different how you gonna just have a screen door slam as Mary’s dress sways?

when Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out comes on you realize Thunder Road was just an alley to TAFO’s oop?!


it was all just an intro for The Big Man?

no wonder from the coastline to the city all the little pretties raise their hands.

“Night” i can live without. perfectly fine. and for sure id take it on one of Bruce’s current albums, but what the hell is this Backstreets? probably the most overlooked tune on this record. just as dramatic as any of the others. just as idealistic. just as emotional.

theres a reason the best Bruce zine back in the day was called Backstreets. fuck.

side two and there’s Born to Run. a song so iconic and perfect when i listen to it i think about the time i walked past this normal apartment house and its door was open and i could see inside and above the couch was a framed print of the Mona Lisa.

its like who puts the mona lisa in their house? are they being ironic? is it a beautiful joke? is it the funniest joke in the world?

how about this for the funniest joke in the world: springsteen was about to be fired from Columbia. his first two records (the wild and the innocent, and greetings from asbury park) were not really flops, but the label were disappointed with their sales. they wanted to give Bruce just

one. more. chance.

and that last chance turned out to be the mona lisa: born to run.

the joke is today labels dont give bands three records. you get one. one and done. theres no vision theres no patience. theres no artist DEVELOPMENT. as much as i love bruce’s first two records, and trust me LOVE is the word, theyre not born to run.

and that song. holy.

that song is so strong its almost ashame that something has to follow it. who bats after The Babe?

big man and bruceGehrig. and in this case that’s She’s The One.

another anthem. another pleading wolf in the moonlight

With her long hair falling / And her eyes that shine like a midnight sun

oooooooooooh ohhhhhhhh shes the one!

fuck bon jovi.

bon jovi has no shes the one following no born to run. fucking fakers. yet radio wants to pretend they do.

but we’re not done. theres still two songs left on this record. the super 70s Meeting Across The River which is basically the origin story of The Sopranos

and then Jungleland

it’s almost as interesting to think about how Jungleland ends than to think about what happens in it because it ends like three times. and the whole band is involved, just like how they are through the album.

its a team effort.

Meeting is about a dark, solo, borderline evil and definitely illegal venture

but Jungleland is about a team.

so as much as we are right to praise Bruce on the 40th birthday of one of music’s finest rock records, we also gotta give it up to the E Street Band for delivering something so mighty and so strong that it makes so much of todays robot music feel as shallow and ridiculous as it is.

happy birthday Mary and Wendy, Scooter and The Big Man

it is right for all the little pretties to raise their hands

weird satanist guy began as weird gamer guy

today the web is aflutter with this video from a verbose bearded gentleman who


is pretty damn funny with his crazy ticks and well-rehearsed monologues

but he didn’t just spring up from the River Styx and into our hearts

he first hit the web here in LA back in 2012 as weird gamer guy


so is it all an act? does he really worship Satan? what about Diablo?

does he ever shave his beard?

will he soon have a late night talk show where he welcomes other satanist video game players who talk as weirdly wonderfully as he does?

or will he just run the jewels