why doesnt the LA Times run Bloom County on Sundays?

bloom county

Who cares how much it costs.

Could it cost more than Jonah Goldberg?

Who better to get people to buy Sunday subscriptions?

Seriously name 5 people currently not in the Sunday LA Times weekly who would get over 10,000 people to start subscribing immediately.

Here’s my five

The aforementioned Bloom County

Matt Groening’s Life In Hell

Bill Maher

Louis C.K.

Taylor Swift

And of those five only Bloom County is doing something weekly right now that would easily fit into the paper.

ive known these dudes for 27 years?!?!?!

chris and robwhen i met chris he weighed 20 pounds more than he does now.

when i met rob he was a long haired jew. now he’s Indian.

over the years we’ve gone through a lot and done a lot. and you know i can’t remember us ever being mad at each other

about anything!

is that possible?

how is that possible?

maybe because we have always allowed each other to be ourselves. over the years you change and we rolled with those changes. why not?

we never lied to each other or tried to “get” anything from anyone. we’ve been supportive of whatever we’re in to.

maybe it had something to do with the fact that we liked who we met 27 years ago and that never changed.

chris was quietly wild. rob was quietly the voice of reason. who knows what my role was, but i was accepted immediately and i loved them for that.

yesterday was rob’s wife carrie’s birthday. rob and carrie were high school sweethearts. during college they broke up, but after college they got back together and theyve been together ever since. it’s very sweet.

they have a lovely little boy named ben who was at the party last night at carrie’s mom’s house. the place was all decked out in an Indian theme because why not.


carrie had a beautiful indian dress and her hands done and jewels on her forehead


rob was the bartender and dj. it was a perfect party now that i think of it.

the pool

there were lights everywhere and beautiful colors. benjamin and his buddy chilled on this pillow next to the pool and once the food was eaten and the belly dancer danced they got in their swim trunks and swam.

belly dancer

i never thought about having an Indian themed party before. some of the men dressed the part and pretty much all of the ladies did. the belly dancer was a great touch. as were the fireworks and the food.


i know i had a good time because i left my wallet by the pool. of course i didnt notice until i got home but i summoned an uber and had it pick it up at the house and drive it from claremont to hollywood.

fortunately i had a free ride (valued at $20) on my account. the trip cost $55 minus $20. $35 total. i tipped the guy $10 and an hour later i ubered the drunks home to pay it all off.

full night to say the least.

happy birthday Carrie!