who goes there

baloonim gonna try something this week while driving the uber. an experiment of sorts. im not going to say anything about my real life. im gonna be quiet.

i feel like i talk too much. some people hate it when drivers talk to much, especially about themselves.

i had a beautiful asian young woman in my uber last week. she said how great the ride was, but still i blew it.

at the end i asked her how you say Goodbye in Taiwanese.

she told me and i was all what?

she told me again and i remembered i cant speak any foreign language.

not even if you tell me the word twice.

im an idiot.

last night i took this old businessman from beverly hills to his hotel in the val.

we had to go through coldwater canyon which is twisty turny. i dont like it cuz theres always some jackhole tailgating me.

we were doing well until we started talking about meryl streep

i told him i heard an interview with her where she said as soon as she turned 40 all the roles she was getting were for witches

eventually she took one

(“Into The Woods”)

but still, shes meryl freaking streep.

suddenly this affable man was like

people shouldnt complain. if you dont like something do something about it. stop whining.

i was all, whoa.

he said, if i dont make a sale i dont blame anyone but myself.

it seemed to have struck a nerve.

i hope i dont get 1 star from how that ended.