did i watch the debates yesterday?

tumblr_nso7p3K5S31qz9v0to5_1280yes and i watched half of the final episode of the daily show and then i listened to political talk radio all afternoon today as i drove and drove and drove.

thats right, three trips to the airport. im a rich man. im a big shot. im gonna eat caviar right from the bottle.

my arms are incredibly not in pain. neither are my hands. ive been using this weird sleeve the xbi developed and sold to the russians. made out of what kevlar used to be made out of but it pinched too much.

turns out thats exactly what your problem areas need sometimes: a nice little, hey whats going on.

i cant say the pain is entirely gone but its mostly gone which is soooo strange because ive had these sorts of aches and pains ever since i started this blog, which we all know was in the late 1950s.

im nowhere near my goal but im tired so im here with the cats and we’re just in a little quiet time.

when i was younger i needed music all the time. either music or tv. sometimes both. now i have every song that matters for free at my fingertips and im all, im good.

did i watch the debates? yes. i think everyone did well except jeb bush. fucker better get it together if evil is gonna return to america.

and who is this governor of ohio? how dare he say if he found out his daughter was gay he’d love her.


anything you do from the bench is gross, btw. stand up already.

in real baseball they dont even sit on the bench anymore. they lean on the fence and spit.


of course i watched the debates. i want there to be more debates today. and tomorrow.

i want candidates to debate lucky americans. then we’ll see what theyre made of. why should megyn, brett, and that other guy have all the fun.

are you telling me that if for $20 you could get your name in a raffle and you could have an hour long one-on-three debate with the three candidates of your choice you wouldnt hand over that money?

Donald Trumpof course you would.

especially if the money went to public grade schools. how do we expect to beat the chinese until we start pouring money into our schools? POUR!

schools should be free. heath care should be free. water at coachella should be free. ask anyone.

those are the things id yell at my candidates if i won the Debate Raffle and one of them would ask “is that even a question.”

give the mic to the public and for sure donald trump would whine after because someone might ask him “have you ever kissed a man”? and you might be shocked what he says. dont pretend that youre shocked by anything that came out of the debates.

but we want to be. and the only way is give the power back to the people. sorry news people, youre people too, but the people are more so.