i do weird things to make money

pigeonsi wake up early, i stay out late. my car has never been cleaner. i listen to jazz. even my trunk is spotless.

but the weird thing is no matter what i do, theres an element of luck thats undeniable.

i will say this though, the luck doesnt happen unless the app is on and im in a reasonably spot of potential.

yesterday after work i had three rides. the first was to a nice rich man who i took from century city to his pad in the hollywood hills. he mostly did business on his phone as we drove through beverly hills. because the ride only took 20 minutes, i turned around to my spot and waited about 15 minutes.

then i got a ping from a guy at a hotel who wanted to go to the airport. the interesting thing about the airport is it seems like a good ride because you make about $45, but after ubers cut you only make $30. and then you have to figure out what youre gonna do, which means you probably wont get another ride for another half hour, thus youre back to making $15 an hour.

not complaining, just saying. i probably could make some quick bucks by going to el segundo, hermosa, and/or manhattan beach, but those people just stay in their little bubble and it’s super annoying to do a bunch of minimum fare rides. and then youre stuck over there.

so after i dropped off the dude, who spoke arab the whole trip on the phone, i remembered that Bernie Sanders was speaking at the LA Sports Arena near USC. they were expecting 20,000 people there and even though theres the Expo Line, no one really uses the subway here. so i took the 105 to the 110 and boom i was there.

bernie sanderspeople were milling about, walking away from the historic arena where id seen Springsteen during the Born In The USA tour, and U2 for Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree, so i drove around to see if maybe some of the stragglers would bite. my Uber app showed me that i was the only Uber Plus there which gave me hope, but the internet was really bad. probably because 20k+ people were tweeting about how great their candidate was.

so i circled the place and decided maybe it was over. and even if it wasnt over, i couldnt get my internet to truly work so i drove slowly north towards Staples Center. and then i got a ping back at the sports arena.

turned out it was a family of four, dad wore an orioles hat, mom was from toronto and two kids were college aged. turned out they had been living in switzerland for 6 years. because the internet was so bad, i asked dad to just tell me what direction we were headed so i could get out of the dead zone.

newport beach, please.

oh hell yeah.

we drove down the 110 to the 405. no traffic. we talked about all sorts of things starting with Bernie. they told me it was sold out inside but about 10,000 people including themselves waited outside and listened and cheered. but because they wanted to beat traffic, tapped out a little early.

$150 later we were at their vacation resort and i talked to my mom as i drove home.

thanks, Bernie.