im sure im doing it wrong

rose macgowan in planet terrorpicked up what appeared to be a sugar daddy and his young girlfriend and drove them across town.

at first i thought it was a father and daughter but nope, she sat as close to him in the backseat as she could.

the mercedes back seat isnt all that big. ive had three people back there but i felt bad for them. two fit very comfortably, but three is a squeeze. this one didnt mind. she rode the middle seat intentionally and was right there next to him.

id say she was 23 and he was more than twice that.

very pretty, but not overdone. no plastic surgery nothing outrageous. had a hint of a foreign accent but nothing discernable because she spoke to him in whispers. as it should be.

they were going to a fancy restaurant which we talked about. he said there was a prix fix menu or you could order a la carte. that was nice of him. and it seemed like a reasonable price. we actually had a really good conversation about politics, sports, music, LA in the 80s.

traffic wasnt bad and they were in no hurry. he was chill. she was chill. im always chill.

it made me wonder if that was the way to be. rich. with a girlfriend who loved holding hands in the back seat of a car who had a smidge of a foreign accent? was i doing it all wrong? he seemed happy. she seemed happy. i was happy because it wasnt a trip to the airport where i would be without a passenger for a while.

got downtown, dropped them off, picked up a young lady who had just gotten her nails done and for some reason thought a mercedes was the right option to take home 8 blocks to her apartment. was uberx unreliable downtown? did she have issues with dirty cars? all of it curious. noticed a lot of people with convention badges milling around LA Live so i sat there for a while since it appeared i was the only uber plus guy there at 8:30p.

sat there till past nine and nothing. listened to kershaw shut out someone. everyone.

drove home and jeanine had made the most amazing fish tacos. watched Hard Knocks and passed out as the fish sniffed at my mostly clean plate.