gambling seems to be paying off

gambling is paying off

last night i was having a bad dream. it was so bad that as i was waking up i thought it would make for a good scary movie. when i fell back asleep i was right back in it. i forget what was happening now, of course, but evil was involved and there wasn’t anything i could do about it.

rarely do i dream. sometimes they’re good dreams. but i dont even like those because they are lies.

when i finally did wake up for reals, i reached over one of the sleeping cats for my phone and saw this on it. that i had won $150 on one of my baseball gambling games. it made me feel like i was still dreaming because i have been doing so poorly that i was thinking about stopping.

every week i would put $20-$30 in my yahoo account and play $2 or $5 games each day. usually i’d do terrible. but for some reason yesterday even though my pitchers didn’t do all that well, almost every single one of my hitters racked up points and i ended up in 3rd place out of 822 others. if Albert Pujols hadn’t gone 0-5 i would have won $500.

but $150 is great. thats more than ive spent, so i guess im ahead of the game and more like Bukowski (who gambled on the ponies) than i thought.