finally saw Dr. Strangelove last night

dr. strangelove

im a huge kubrick fan, but im a weirdo so of course i hadnt seen this 1964 classic yet.

i have this strange quirk where if i really like something i wont watch or read all of it so i can save a little something for a rainy day.

recently i realized i live in LA. it never rains here. so i may as well get to seeing all the things i know id like and get it over with.

sundays are a good day for that because i try not to book anything on those days and just leave it to bible reading and sitting on my fat ass.

so yesterday after reading the book of Daniel, in which Shadrach, Meshack and Abenedigo danced in King Nebuckennezer’s firey furnace, i noticed that Dr. Stragelove was on Amazon Prime so i turned on my xBox and watched it like the founders intended.

i thought it was ok. not spectacular. kubrick hadnt discovered his symmetry but def had the humor down. it was interesting thinking about the battles in Full Metal Jacket compared to the battles here. but moreso he nailed the officer class in this one. dont ask me why i know.

peter sellers was incredible, but i didnt even know george c scott was in this. and how great was he.

but the best was the russian scare. we used to be terrified of them. and bombs. and world destruction.

im so glad we arent ruled by our fear of phantoms any more.