you never know what other people are going through

motel suckswhen i drove Uber X my biggest issue was being patient waiting for passengers to get out of their damn houses and into my car.

at first they could spend all day getting in there and there was nothing we could do. then last year Uber made a new policy saying that if the passenger didnt get into the car after 5 minutes of us arriving at their door we could cancel the ride and charge them $5.

with Uber Plus the penalty is $10. for some reason Uber figured out how to take $2.50 out of that fine for their own pockets meaning we got $7.50 for arriving somewhere and waiting 5 minutes and then bailing.

usually it’s not worth canceling because you can make more money driving the person than you can canceling on them. especially if it is surging, which it was the other day as i waited

and waited and waited outside a swanky beverly hills home which had a Land Rover and a Bentley in the driveway.

the UberX surge was 1.9 which is a little below the rate of Uber Plus but i like to take my X people around a few times a week because they bring a different sort of energy to the ride and we often drive to very different destinations than my Plus ppl.

i shoulda known i was in trouble when the passenger called me immediately after i accepted her request and she asked me “how long will it take for you to get here?”

i told her 1 minute, which I thought pleased her.

after four minutes of waiting at her driveway i called her back. she said she’d be right out. four minutes after that I looked and saw the 1.9 surge was still happening, meaning I could cancel her, make $4 (it was UberX) for canceling and pick up someone else who had it together.

but i thought, those cars are hella expensive. im a block away from Rodeo. no way is this woman wanting me to take her up the block for a minimum fare. so i waited a few more minutes when she finally came out.

very high heels which she had trouble walking in. short dress. frown on her face. oh boy. i shoulda canceled, i thought. ALWAYS CANCEL my head said.

but i didn’t. because im nice. and you know where nice guys finish.

guy smokingshe gets in and tells me we are going to west LA. about a $14 ride. so it was worth the wait.

soon as we get rolling she tells me that the house was her boyfriends house. he is 60. she is 30.

she tells me that they are breaking up because she found out, via his phone, that he is dating some other girls via a website. he became upset with her for sneaking that info out of his phone. she replied by saying, she wasnt the one at fault: he was.

he said, why would you ever go into my phone?

she said his house is so big that she has her own bathroom. it’s pink. he calls it the Girls Restroom.

she told him, “i found a tampon, a used one, in the garbage in the Girls Restroom!”

he asked, “how do you know it wasnt the maid?”

she said, “the maid IS THE ONE WHO EMPTIES THE TRASH!”

finally he admitted that he was using the website to take young women to dinner but nothing ever happened. that she was his boo. that she was the only girl who was his girlfriend.

but when she said that is ridiculous, that she was old enough to know when a man was cheating on her, she decided to break up with him.

so that morning she went to his house to get her stuff.

and the reason it took her so long to get out of the house was because he wasn’t letting her pack. he was saying “no, sleep on this decision, you’ll regret it because i will never let you come back if you move your stuff out.”

so as i was waiting patiently she was crying, her heart was breaking, and all she wanted was to be able to pack her things and go.

which made me very glad that i didnt cancel, because then i would have been an extra $5 charge in her life that would have added to her pain.

i dropped her off and told her she was too young and too pretty to put up with such nonsense. move on. there are plenty of rich and not-so-rich guys out there who would never cheat.

seek them out instead.

and she cried some more and said thank you.